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 Pos. 21.2001

 used Homogenisator 

Make:                         ALFA-LAVAL

Type:                           SHL  25A (aseptisc)

Pistons:                     3pcs., Ø 50mm, stroke 105 mm

Homo-Stages:          2

Capacity:                   6000 l/h, max. 200bar

Motor:                         380V, 50Hz, 75kW, 1500rpm

Belt pulley Motor:     280mm

Belt pulley Gear:      355mm

 Year o.m.:                  1984, continuous serviced.

Really good condition!




Price ex work as it is       €   17.500,00


Pos. 21.2002

1       used Homogeniser TETRA PAK

           Type:                         ALEX 25, 2 stage

            Capacity:                   6.000 l/h, max. 200bar

            Pressure control:     hydraulic, Type of Valves: Mushroom

            Motor (main drive): 380V, 50Hz, 75Kw, 1450rpm

            Belt pulley Motor:     300mm, Belt pulley Gear: 400mm, 3 tracks

            Reduction Gear:      BENZLERS TV 1-111, reduction: 5,560

            Hydraulic unit:          BOSCH Nr.: 6-4722 5471 81,

                                             Motor 380V, 50Hz, 0,25kW


Machine is still in production and available approx. April / May 2021

Price ex work as it is             € 28.500,00

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