WPS Molkereimaschinen

Pos. 21.10011 

used evaporator  WIEGAND

Type:             3 effects MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompressing)

                     with High-concentrator

useable for: whole milk, Skim milk and whey

Capacity:       Input skimmilk 9%DS:                   12.500 kg/h

                        Output: Concentrate 50% DS:       2.300kg/h

Year o.m.:      1985

 Including:      complete mechanincal and electrical documentation,

                     complete set of pumps and valves, balance tank with

                     centrifugal pump, stairs, plattforms and steelconstruction.

 Note:              electrical cabinet and controls not included!!

                     Can get reconstructed easy based on available documentation.

Motor for Re-Compressor should be renewed.


Equipment still installed in factory, available approx. June, latest August 2021

 Location:       Austria




Price ex dairy as it is and where it is     €   98.000,00   (negotiable)


Pos. 21.10012 

used evaporator  WIEGAND

 Type:             3 effects MVR (Mechanical Vapor Recompressing)

 Capacity:       Input skimmilk 9%DS:                   6.600 kg/h

                        Output: Concentrate 50% DS:      1.200kg/h

                        Water evaporating:                         5.400kg/h

Year o. m.:    1995  

 Product previous was condensed coffee milk.

Equipment still installed and available immediately.

Location:       Austria

Price ex work as it is and where it is                               €   82.000,00

 Dismantling and transporting by the buyer.







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