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  Pos. 21.3011

Used fullautomatic cup filing machine

Make:              GALDI,

Type:                YR8/2U # 201135 double row

Year:                 2011, was in operating only few hours

Format sets:     cups of diameter 95mm installed, diameter 75mm unused

Capacity:           approx. 5000 c/h 

Sealing:             Hot sealing and clip-on cover

-   Cup sterilizing by H2O2

-   Laminar flow with HEPA Filter

-   rotating collecting table

-   Many spare origin parts

-   set of documentation

This machine is in excellent condition and available immediately.













Price ex work          € 69.500,00


 Pos. 21.3012


Make:              WALDNER, 

Machine type DOSOMAT 12.2 ESL - rotary machine

With Pulsed Light - disinfection of the buckets and

UVC disinfection of the sealing foil.

Design: 2 - lane bucket transport

Drive : Servo motors make Schneider electric (ELAU)

Product : Yoghurt stirred, with/without fruit pieces (up to 12mm³), Pudding, cream,                       desserts etc.,(pH values: 4.0-7.0 ; viscosity: 100 - 2000 cP

Dosing range:    250 - 1500 g

Filling temperature:  room temperature

Bucket Plastic bucket, round, Ø 122 mm, 1,000 g,

(running size) with handle, automatically stackable/unstackable,


Film sealing Plastic film from the roll, without print marks.

Roll heat sealing with outcut punch and inverting


Slip lid: Plastic slip lid, stackable/ destackable.

Capacity: 250 g 3250 b/h

                 500 g 3000 B/h

                  1000 g 3000 B/h

                  1500 g 1500 B/h

 Dosing: 2-colour KVD dosing units separately servo-driven

- CIP version in closed return → T > 100 °C

 Bucket feed: Forced destacking with vacuum extraction

                                               Magazine height 1500 mm

                                               Manual loading

                                               Automatic bucket presence check


Inverted lid application: Vacuum application of the SD with subsequent

                                               Press-on station and presence check.

                                               Machine stop in case of non-application.

                                               Magazine height 1500 mm

                                               Manual loading

 Packaging disinfection: Bucket - Pulsed Light CLARANOR; log 3 B. Atrophaeus

                                               Foil - UVC high-pressure lamp with glass breakage monitoring; log 3 B. Atrophaeus


Seal control: bucket squeezer with sensors

                                               In case of leakage, no inverted lid and no MHD on film

 Packer: Integrated packer servo-driven. 2 pails per cycle

                                               Forced-guided incline from infeed to discharge

                                               Pick & place system for safe transfer from cell board to crate

Laminar Flow: Laminar Flow bonnet over entire machine

                                               Pre-filter: G 4

                                               Main filter: H 14

                                               Differential pressure measurement for filter monitoring

Description Crate erector: 

Machine type: A&F 230 10/20

Processing of crates with basic format 376 x 296 mm

→ see cutting drawing bucket crates info package

Output for bucket crates reduced to 20 cycles.

 Flap control: by means of sensor after erector; rejection if flap is open

 Gluing unit: Nordson VISTA

 Crate discharge: active transport from discharge of erector

- Transfer to gravity chute to infeed Filling machine

→ Set-up of erector +1 level to filling machine













Negotiation price ex dairy "as it is" and "where it is"      €  295.000,00

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