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Pos. 21.5011                             

Complete Cheese factory

Product:         EDAMER, GOUDA, several semi-hard cheese types

Capacity:       processing of approx.. 200.000 ltr. Cheese milk /day

Fomat:           Blocks 400x 360mm


 1.)       CIP system

consisting of:

- 4 pcs. stacking tanks á 3.000 l

- 1 pc. Neutralisation tank 7,000 l

- 2-circuit system with pumps, heat exchanger, valves and control system           

2.)       Cheese milk heat-exchanger

capacity: 24,000 l/h, make: Alfa Laval   

3.)       4 pcs. Cheese vat a´10,000 l

make: Bertsch / Austria

complete with platform and accessories

5.)       Cheese pressing line

capacity: 1,000 kg/h,

make: APV

consisting of:

portioning, pressing, vibrating line          

6.)       Cheese moulds

for pressing line APV with mould-washing system, format:            400x360 mm

7.)       Salt bath

consisting of:

4 pcs. salt bath vats with salt bath trays for cheese    

8.)       Cheese maturing container for cheese maturing   

9.)       Packaging machines for cheese packaging

10.)     Whey separator

            Make: WESTFALIA, 15.000 l/h, with whey sieve      

11.)     Electrical installation for production lines   

12.)     Whey tank 30.000 l

for outdoor installation, complete with agitator and accessories      

13.)     Air compressor,

make: Altlas Copco, type: GA15

complete with dryer and DL-accumulator      

14.)     Temperature recovery milk/whey

1 pc. 50.000 l buffer tank with 2 pcs. Plate heat-exchanger 

15.      2 pcs. Milk storage tanks á 100.000 ltr.           RESERVED ,

make: Schwarte, year of construction: 2008

complete with accessories and agitators,

insulated design for outdoor installation

16.)     Automation and controls

for production line make: Siemens S7   

17)      2 pcs. chillers

make: GEA,

year of construction: 2008,

cooling capacity each 70 kW, for room and salt bath cooling

 Complete (negotiation) price as it is and where it is (Baltic state)

                                    € 415.000,00




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