WPS Molkereimaschinen

Pos. 50011

Used Cheese grinding machine

Make:                     HOLAC

Type:                      AUT 30-CM

Mach. No.:             202-30-08

Electr. Power:       7,5 kW, 400V, 50Hz.

year:                       1998

Capacity:               approx. 1000 kg/h

Good working condition.







Pos. 50012                          SOLD

1 set of used cheese cutting and packaging equipment

- cutting unit from EURO-Blocks in bread-format, Make HAJEK

- cutting unit frombreads-format to pieces of several adjustable weights

- horizontal flow-wrapping machine,Make FUJI, Type: FW3710/BS/B

year of the line approx. 1996





Pos. 50013

1 used cheese wrapping machine

   Make:    ALPMA, Type: U 64

   Was in operating for cheese rolls of 100 -150g






Price ex warehouse as it is                      €   15.500,00 



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