WPS Molkereimaschinen


Our Service


 - reliable and competend consultation

 - we supply expert service for all delivered equipment

 - 6 month guarantee on overhauled machines

 - maintenance, rebuilding, modifying and modernization of diverse machines


The delivery can take place at the customers wish:

 - at location by dismounting by own staff

 - disassembled and loaded by our staff

 - delivery from door to door with start-up

 - generaly overhauled with start-up



Our range of supply we supply:


single machines
 like separators, homogenizer, pasteurizer, cupfilling machines, butter wrapping machines, form-,  fill- and seal machines, ultra filtrationplants, milk processing equipment, etc.


complete plants
 like pasteurising plants, UHT-plants, complete filling lines for several dairy products, powder plants  and evaporators, cheese making equipment.


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